Draisine Tour Altengland: Fun for the whole family

A really fun and healthy way for sight seeing for the whole family. You will enjoy it!

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March 28, 2015

Draisine Tour Altengland

Photo courtesy of www.suedpfalz-draisine.de.

The Draisine tour is a great way to enjoy a day out in the country while exercising and relaxing at the same time. What is the Draisine, you may ask? It is 40 kilometers of old railway now utilized by a cart similar to the Sheffield Hand Cart but with pedals… and seats.

The 40 km route is full of great scenery. There are plenty of excellent restaurants throughout the route where you can find great food and drinks. One can choose to ride the whole 40 km, or just finish at 20 km mark. For those that cannot pedal, there is also an electric Draisine available.


There are three possible locations where you can start the Draisine tour. Depending on the day, you will start the route going up the hill or down the hill. It is not a steep climb, but you will feel the slow ascend. You have the choices of starting in Altengland, Lauterecken, or Staurdenheim, once there just pick the 20 km or the 40 km.


The railway will take you through some magnificent scenery. The old towns of Bedesbach, Erdesbach, and Meinsenheim with their many restaurants, churches, and museums will for sure make an unforgettable day with your family. For some great Pizza, you can stop at Pizzeria “Da Roberto” is located in Glanbruecken. The Draisine will take you through some beautiful country sites so make sure to have your camera or smart phone ready.

Eating and Drinking

Like we mention before, plenty of great places to eat and drink! Just slide the Draisine from the railway – the Draisine is not too heavy two people can accomplish this without much effort – secure it, and take a well-earned break to look around, eat, and drink through the great towns! You will find great restaurants along the route with some great food and drinks.


Take your pick 20 km or 40 km! If you have never done the Draisine I will recommend going for the 20 km. However, if you are in good shape you can try the whole 40 km. Also, if your party is composed of more than two people you can take a turn at the pedals making your ride more enjoyable.

Electric Draisine

If you do not feel like pedaling or your health does not allow it, don’t worry. There is a new addition to the Draisine’s family – the electric Draisine. The electric Draisine is part of the conference style group and fits up to 7 passengers. The cost for this Draisine starts at 92.00 Euro.


Make sure to book your Draisine tour in advance, weekends are pretty busy and you probably won’t find an opening on the same day. Plan in advance and you should be OK. The prices for the weekdays are usually cheaper than at the weekends. Plan in advance and you should be OK. The prices for the weekdays are usually cheaper than weekend prices. You can contact Altengland at 06381 42 94 50, Lauterecken at 06382 8588, and Staurdenheim at 0175 764 6855.


The price for renting a Draisine varies depending on which style you choose and if it is a weekday or a weekend. For example, the “Bicycle Draisine” will cost you 39.00 Euro for a weekday while on the weekend is 49.00 Euro. The price covers the whole day and not just for the distance, that way you have plenty of time to wander around the towns. For more details on pricing visit their site.

If you are looking for a challenging and fun time with the family, make sure to take a Draisine for a ride. And do not forget to tell them that Go-ktown.com sent you!