Cooking With Klaus

Make the most out of your kitchen with the help of a professional German Chef. You might think you cannot…

By: Administrator

May 2, 2015


Make the most out of your kitchen with the help of a professional German Chef.

You might think you cannot afford to have a professional chef in your kitchen, but think again. Meet Klaus Hartmann.

Mr. Hartmann has been a Chef for over 35 years and he is ready and willing to share his knowledge, secrets, and experiences with you.
I had the privilege to meet Mr. Hartmann, and believe me, within a few minutes I was already learning something about cooking, wines, and the history behind some of the most delicious dishes the German cuisine has to offer.

Mr. Klaus’ way of teaching how to cook is very unique. His classes are filled with knowledge and enthusiasm. His class starts at the shopping stage, where he takes you to the grocery store and shows you how to select the best products. Selecting the best ingredients for your meal is crucial. Mr. Hartmann will help you select the best vegetables and give you guidance at the “Metzgerei” (the butcher) to learn which meat and its cut is best for your dish.

Continue to the kitchen where he will mentor you through everything you need to know about your dish, and tell you a little about its history. From a simple Schnitzel (breaded slice of pork) to the more complex “Kalbshaxe,” Mr. Hartmann got you cover. Oh, and do not worry about those knives; he brings his own (is a Chef’s thing)!

He is also an avid wine collector with a full cellar to prove it. So, do not forget to pick his brain and ask him which wine goes best with your meals. For dessert you can ask to learn how to make “Apfelstrudel,” one of my favorite desserts.

Overall, it is a superb experience at more than an affordable price. My opinion, he will soon be booked for months to come, so make sure to make your reservation as soon as possible. You can contact Klaus Hartmann through email at: cookingwithklaus@web.de. and his Facebook page.