Dreaming of Summer? 5 Top Places to Swim in the Kaiserslautern Area

Summer is almost here and with a little bit of luck we might get plenty of days of good weather…

By: Ivan Gonzalez

May 28, 2016


Summer is almost here and with a little bit of luck we might get plenty of days of good weather and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius! There are some pretty good swimming pools and small lakes in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) area and surroundings areas. Here is my list of the top 5 places for a good time in the water and entertainment.

Warmfreibad Kaiserslautern

The name of this pool is a little deceiving; the water is not so warm! Nevertheless, is a great swimming pool for the whole family. There are two swimming pools adjacent to each other; one is a lap pool, the other one has a diving platform with the highest jump being from the 7 meters. The swimming pool is located right across the Volkspark, in case you want to take a walk before swimming. The swimming pool is open 7 days a week. There is a small entrance fee for admissions.

Warmfreibad’s hours of Operation:

Mon.: 1200 – 2000
Tu. & Th. – Sun.: 0800 – 2000
Wed.: 1900 – 2000

Freibad Waschmühle

This is the biggest natural swimming pool in Europe and one of the most popular in the KMC area! The swimming pool measures 165 meters long and its water surface is about 10,000 square meters, according to Wikipedia. The water temperature of this gigantic pool ranges from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, perhaps because its water supply comes from natural deep wells. But, believe the water is cold! There is a big field to play soccer, beach volleyball, table tennis, and a baby pool. This is a great place to enjoy the view and have a great day with the family. Be aware parking is a limited.

Waschmühle’s hours of operation:

Mon. & Wed. – Sun. 0800 – 2000
Tu.: 1200 – 2000

You can see a short video of the Waschmühle here.


Gelterswoog is located about 5 minutes from Vogelweh. This lake has 300 meters of sand beach, a playground, rowboat, kayak, beach volleyball, and a beautiful surrounding forest area. Great for a day at the lake!

Gelterswoog’s hours of operation:

Mon.: 1200- 2000
Tu. – Sun.: 0900 – 2000


This place is one of my favorites! Once you have been there, it will be one of yours as well! It is about 45 minutes from Kaiserslautern but worth the trip. This is a great place to spend the whole day with the family and one of the few places in Germany where you can take your own grill! There are many attractions at the lake, like hiking, playgrounds, paddle boats, wind surfing, sailing, and even camping. If you are missing the beach, this is place is a great alternative.

Bostalsee’s hours of operation:

Mon. – Fri.: 0800 – 1800
Sat.: 1300 – 1900
Sundays and holidays: 1000 – 1900

Monte Mare

OK, this place is not an outside swimming pool (there is a small part of the pool that extends outside) and people do not usually go there very often during the summer time; however, we all know the weather in Germany! If you really want to go for a swim but the weather is not optimal, this is a great backup plan. I wrote an article about this place, so no need to repeat myself.

Monte Mare’s hours of operation:

Mon. – Fri.: 1000 – 2100
Sat. & Sun.: 1000 – 1900